Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soultaker - Bryan Smith

This is the second book by this author that I have read, and I have to admit… that he really doesn’t draw me in. Sure the writing was fine, there is sex, violence and little green scaly critters romping about… but I have the hardest time investing myself emotionally in his books.

So we’re in a small town, and some goth girl turns out to be Lamia, an ancient half snake deity who needs a jump start of souls… so she’s possessed the women of a small town and turned them into psycho witch-like priestess hoes. So we’ve got a pack of male teens and an older brother who are trying to stop it all.

I had a hard time determining whether or not our author is deeply terrified of women… the women in this book are evil, corrupt, vengeful, lustful and extremely dangerous to the men… except of course for the lesbian. There are some really strange psychological ideas you could take from the author.

I did like the idea of his use of one of the more rarely mentioned mythological monsters rather than simply going with the standard vampire/werewolf/alien/zombie fare. I really wish I had been able to get into this book more. As it was, I had a hard time keeping my mind on it and struggled to get to the end. I’m not sure why either… the writing was fine, the concept was fine… perhaps it was the characters, I didn’t really care for any of them… and we never really had the opportunity to know any of the women prior to their possession so we couldn’t really regret their transformation. The men were just SO weak that they were hard to root for, granted we wanted someone to stop what was happening… but it’s hard to root for a bunch of guys who think like pervs.

Moral of the story: men – Keep it in your pants

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